Mikael Brkic
To the Fans / Tü de Fäns

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Chart Art Fair
with Mikael Brkic and Emma Ilija Wyller
Kunsthall Charlottenborg
Copenhagen, Denmark
21.08 - 23.08.2015

Eloise Hawser
Emsen, 2013

is a true gentleman of quality. His work as an archivist, publisher, curator and what-not are well known and documented. He does so much stuff it’s sometimes hard to recall he’s also a musician, recording as Airport War. But the new one-sided AW LP, In Dreams Begin Responsibilities, is one of the most brilliant artist’s records we’ve seen in a while. The musical content is short and minimal, but the whole thing is so densely coded, it’s a real pleasure to behold. Gorgeous object.

-Byron Coley & Thurston Moore, Arthur No.32


James Hoff
No Input Books


James Hoff
I'm Already a Has-Been, 2012
Oil on Canvas
70 x 100 cm

James Hoff
Untitled, 2012
Oil on Canvas
120 x 120 cm

Bomb Magazine
, Interview with Eli Keszler

Interview Magazine

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James Hoff
Primary Information
No Input Books

Brad Grievson
Lazertran Painting (Floor Collage I), 2013
Transfer on canvas

Brad Grievson
Large Shutter 2, 2014
Black casement fabric on canvas
122 x 97cm